Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training
The survival of an offshore worker can depend on their knowledge of what to do in an emergency and how to prevent an emergency from occurring.

This course trains the worker to prevent emergencies and to respond to emergency situations, which may occur when working on an offshore installation. This course is designed for persons working on offshore installations in cold-water regions.

The course covers all the mandatory requirements for the issue of certificates specified in the OPITO common induction standards. The course also covers all the mandatory requirements for the issue of certificates for offshore safety training in Indonesia.

General Course Objectives:
The objectives of the BOSIET are that delegates will be able to:
  1. Identify the generic hazards that are specific to offshore oil and gas installations, potential risks associated with those hazards, and how controls are put in place to eliminate or reduce risks.
  2. Identify key offshore related safety regulations and explain the basic safety management concepts
  3. Demonstrate that they can use the safety equipment, and follow procedures in preparing for, and during helicopter emergencies with particular focus on escaping from a helicopter following ditching
  4. Demonstrate sea survival and first aid techniques
  5. Demonstrate that they can effectively use basic fire fighting equipment, and practise self-rescue techniques in low visibility situations, to include smoke filled areas.

Key Information

Accrediting Body: OPITO

Course Code: 5707, 5700, 5703

Course Duration: 3 Days

Course Validity: 4 Years

Course Venue: Cilegon

Course Content:
  • Safety Induction
  • Fire Fighting & Self Rescue
  • Sea Survival & Lifeboat (TEMPSC) training
  • First Aid & Hypothermia
  • Helicopter Safety Procedures & Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) including the use of Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) and Survival Suits.
Prerequisites: Valid medical certificate

Course Options including Add-On's:
  • Travel Safety by Boat / Boat Transfer
    • Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training and Travel Safely by Boat 5707
  • Emergency Breathing System (EBS)
    • BOSIET with EBS 5700
    • BOSIET with EBS Digital Delivery 5703 (Upcoming)
  • Royale Krakatau:
    • Single: IDR 937,000/night/person
    • Twin Share: IDR 1,265,000/night/2 persons.
  • AMARIS Hotel
    • Single: IDR 643,500 /night/person

  • All prices include breakfast, dinner & one (1) set of laundry per registered occupant and exclude 10% VAT.
All persons who successfully complete the course based on the performance standards will receive
  • A PT Samson Tiara / Survival Systems Asia certificate approved by OPITO for Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (BOSIET); and
  • A laminated wallet course qualification card.
Investment Cost Includes:
  • Transportation to & from our pick up point in Jakarta and training center
  • Transportation between the training center and hotel,
  • Student workbook
  • Usage of all required training equipment including:
    • Coveralls
    • Safety shoes, glasses and helmet
    • Gloves
    • Shower kit (towel, soap & shampoo)
    • Water shoes
  • Certificate/ID card
  • Lunch
Investment Cost:
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Upcoming Dates

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14-Nov-2018 - 16-Nov-2018

Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Trai...
14-Nov-2018 - 16-Nov-2018

Tropical BOSIET & Travel Safely by Boat-Code 5502
21-Nov-2018 - 23-Nov-2018

Tropical BOSIET with EBS & Travel Safely by Boat-C...
21-Nov-2018 - 23-Nov-2018

Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Trai...
03-Dec-2018 - 05-Dec-2018

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